This is the face of a girl that just realized that the delivery at the door contained 12 cupcakes from a bakery across the country that she knows from a reality t.v. show.  She might have been a little excited.

2016-06-17 09.40.28
image by Jodie Crowe

A few months ago, Taelin was sick for a week. She wanted me by her all the time but by Day 3, I was going to poke my eyes out if I had to watch one more cartoon. Since I consider my eyes a valuable asset, I decided I had better come up with something else.  Hulu to the rescue.  During the next couple of days, we binge watched DC Cupcakes, which follows a pair of sisters that went into the cupcake business and have been quite successful.  We watched the sisters and their shenanigans building giant cupcake structures. Episode after episode, we became more invested in their ‘signature swirl’ and hungrier for a cupcake.

So, how did I get a dozen of these legendary cupcakes?  Delivery, of course! Overnight delivery, no less. Oh, and, I had added to my 101 Things in 1001 Days list so I had to do it.

2016-06-17 09.44.09
image by Jodie Crowe

On a whim, I decided that Taelin’s spring dance recital was enough of a reason to order these cupcakes and they were AMAZING.  I planned on sharing some with Taelin’s dance teachers as a end-of-year present, and I am I pretty sure they were appreciated.  The rest, we ate over a couple of days.

As for favorites? Joe loved the chocolate filled chocolate cupcake (as I knew he would), red velvet was Taelin’s favorite (much to my surprise) and if I had to pick a favorite it would have been the salted caramel filled chocolate (because seriously).   It would certainly not be something that we would do on a regular basis but it was a delicious way to check the first of many off of my list.

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