Summer Lovin’ List

It’s officially summer!  I have been counting down to this summer more than any other in recent history and it is finally here. Yahoo!!!


Um….now what?  Other than a trip to Montana and some dance classes/camps for Taelin, there isn’t really anything on the docket for these next few months.  Being the list lover that I am, I started mentally listing some things we might do during this less scheduled time.  But then I started to worry that scheduling too much might ruin the less-scheduled feel that summer provides…and then I started to worry that if I didn’t make the list I would get to the end of the summer and feel like I didn’t get done what I wanted to even though I wasn’t sure what that was because there was no list to list those things I wanted…uh, what?   I stopped thinking and decided to make a damn list. (Welcome to those of you that haven’t been privy to my train of thought. Aren’t you glad you are here?)

So, here is my list.

Summer Lovin’ List

Go on a road trip

Eat a popsicle.

Read outside…a lot

Spend an entire afternoon at Powell’s

Go to the aquarium

Do something I don’t initially want to do

Redo my scrapbook area

Go to the beach…a lot

Find some new grilling recipes

Visit my sister in Seattle


There, I feel better now.  Nothing huge to commit to but at the end of the summer I can come back and say that I accomplished something.  Brilliant.

Is there anything I missed?  Tell me in the comments if I need to add something!

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  1. I love your list!! In fact, I love all your lists. You are the queen of lists, but I am especially impressed that you actually do the things on your lists! You go, girl! Have fun!

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