Today I am thankful for dance teachers.

This past week was Taelin’s dance dress rehearsal for her spring dance recital.  It is seriously becoming one of my favorite times of the year.

2016-05-31 16.57.23
image by Jodie Crowe

Most weeks parents aren’t allowed to watch, probably for fear of said parents possibly turning into dance moms, but during dress rehearsal we are so that we can be ready to help on recital day.  (As an aside, if you haven’t ever watched an episode of Dance Moms, save yourself and don’t.  I have watched every episode there is on Hulu and I knew I should stop but I couldn’t.) Continue Reading

Today I am thankful for backyard strawberries. 

One of the first memories I have of visiting my dad’s side of the family is picking strawberries. We always had a garden of some kind growing up in Montana, but one June we drove across three states to see my grandparents. While we visited, we went to a strawberry field. I don’t think many of the strawberries I picked actually made it to anywhere other than my mouth. They probably should have weighed me before and after so they could charge us for what I ate.

image by Jodie Crowe

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