Project 52: Week 7 – Love


At Taelin’s school, the decorating of Valentine’s Day boxes are a big deal.  All of it is done at home and the morning of, everyone brings their box to school.  It is one of my favorite days.  The kids are all so creative and it is pretty amazing to see what they come up with.  This year, Taelin built Smooch Bot.  There were some structural things Joe and I helped with and Joe sacrificed old computer parts but the design and decoration is all her.

This photo fits the word pretty well as there is nothing I love more in this entire world than Taelin.

Project 52: Week 6 – Routine

Oh the routine of a mom.  This week’s word is routine. I captured this picture one night when I was prepping dinner and trying to correct Taelin’s spelling quiz at the same time. Rare is the night where I am not trying to do at least 2 things at the same time and even though these things might change, it is truly a routine to try and juggle it all.


Project 52: Week 5 – Glass

I have gotten so far behind on posting the pictures for my Project 52 challenge but I am working on catching up!  I thought about just giving it up altogether but it is on my list so I need to keep going.  I have the pictures for the most part but I will have to play catch up there a bit too.

The word for week 5 is glass. Last year, when I resigned from the school district, a co-worker gave me this glass float.  I keep it in my kitchen and think of the beach (one of my favorite places on the planet) every time I see it.


Project 52: Week 4 – Words



Here we are the end of January and the 4th week of the photo challenge.  I am going to admit that I took this photo a week and a day ago, but I am still using it.  I took it when I was participating in the Women’s March in Salem on the 21st.  I am new to this whole activist thing but for a lot of reasons I am feeling the need to become more involved.

Week 4 – Words

Honestly, when I picked words for the list, I assumed that I would take a picture of whatever book I was reading or a picture of one of Taelin’s stories.  But instead, here is a sign that I saw at the march.


Here is Taelin’s photo of the week.  It is a picture of one of her newest favorite series starring Mercy Watson.  It has been a great in between series as Taelin transitions into chapter books (which she is looking forward to)!

If you have a Week 4 photo, please share it in the comments!

The word for Week 5 is “GLASS”.

Project 52: Week 3 – Round


This last week was a tough week.  Taelin was sick with strep plus Joe gone traveling for work.  Then there was that inauguration thing at the end of the week. I will admit that I didn’t give much thought about my Week 3 photo until I headed to the grocery store Sunday morning.

Week 3 – Round

For the first time, in what felt like forever, the sun was shining.  After the snow and the cold earlier this month and then the rain that followed, the sun was welcome.  I closed my eyes and looked up and it hit me.

I wish the clouds had moved a little faster because I would have loved to get a picture without them but they didn’t and I was trying to get to the grocery store.

And here is Taelin’s Week 3 photo.


She was pretty excited about how she made something round with things that were round.

If you have a Week 3 picture, please share it in the comments or link up if you have a blog!  It isn’t too late to start!

Our Week 4 word is “WORDS”

Project 52: Week 2-Home

Well, I’m a few days late.  Taelin woke up sick Saturday night/Sunday morning and a doctor’s appointment Sunday morning confirmed she had strep.  This is the second time in a month and a half.  Taelin started to feel better not too long after starting antibiotics and I think we are almost caught up on our a sleep.


Here is my photo for Week 2-Home.

Week 2- Home

While there is a bit of my actual house in this picture, I realized that whenever I was thinking of what I wanted in this photo, it was Joe and Taelin.  They are in a very real way, my home.

Here is Taelin’s Week 2 photo.

This is Marabelle (Taelin’s treasured doll) in her new home that Taelin created. 

Did you take a photo for Week 2?  Please feel free to add or link up in the comments.

The word for Week 3 is…round!