I like your face.

Being a mom is by the far the toughest job.  Many things have been written about how hard motherhood is and an equal amount has probably been written on how much moms love being moms.  I am raising my hand to be counted.

Taelin has always been a funny kid when it has come to turning a year older.  Every year, sometimes on her actually birthday, she makes some kind of declaration about what is going to be different now that she is turning a year older.  It started when she was 3 and she decided that she wasn’t going to wait for me to get out of bed but that she could just get up when she wanted to.  We didn’t have any kind of rule about that, waiting in bed, but before that she would always call “Mama…Mama…” until I got myself out of bed and went to her room. The change at 3 ended up resulting in a few terrifying instances of waking up by being poked in the eye or with her lurking over my face but she had decided and made it so. Continue Reading

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We certainly had more than our fair share of April showers last month.  I don’t have any numbers to back it up, but I have to believe that we broke some kind of record for consecutive days of rain. We had a little break in the weather last weekend and so we decided to hit up the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest.  It was great to be outside and have it actually feel like spring.

Besides just looking at the tulips, they have a lot of activities and photo opportunities.  This one might be one of my favorites. 

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Pneumonia and Bronchitis and Puking…oh my!

There will be no pictures in this blog post.  You are welcome.

Easter did not go quite as planned.  Joe started feeling sick last Thursday afternoon and has pretty much been in bed with a fever since.  The lingering cough I have had for awhile decided to double down and my body hurts from coughing so hard.  Then Taelin decided to throw her hat in the ring for a glorious 10 hours of throwing up.

Eggs, not even hard boiled yet, are sitting in the refrigerator.  Plastic eggs are filled and in a bucket on the table with a note from the Easter Bunny.  Gatorade and saltines were the only things anyone was eating for dinner.   Continue Reading

Project 52: Week 2-Home

Well, I’m a few days late.  Taelin woke up sick Saturday night/Sunday morning and a doctor’s appointment Sunday morning confirmed she had strep.  This is the second time in a month and a half.  Taelin started to feel better not too long after starting antibiotics and I think we are almost caught up on our a sleep.


Here is my photo for Week 2-Home.

Week 2- Home

While there is a bit of my actual house in this picture, I realized that whenever I was thinking of what I wanted in this photo, it was Joe and Taelin.  They are in a very real way, my home.

Here is Taelin’s Week 2 photo.

This is Marabelle (Taelin’s treasured doll) in her new home that Taelin created. 

Did you take a photo for Week 2?  Please feel free to add or link up in the comments.

The word for Week 3 is…round!

The Inconsistencies of the Tooth Fairy

Okay everyone, can we please have a serious conversation about the Tooth Fairy?


Wednesday night Taelin lost her 7th tooth.  Before I even got home from working at the dance studio, Taelin had her tooth out for the Tooth Fairy and her note (something she did all on her own for the first tooth) done.  Note the importance placed on dance for no particular reason. As I was reading to her before tucking her in, she kept turning around to make sure that said tooth and note were still on her nightstand.  Needless to say, Taelin was enthused about the whole thing.

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Planning a Road Trip and Why My Sister is Awesome

Last night I was on my phone with my sister, trying to figure out some details about a road trip that my little family is taking.  We have a few scheduled stops (the places we are going to be sleeping because I don’t want to be looking for a hotel with a tired kid)  but I was freaking out a little about getting around, what we were going to do, how we were going to meet up, etc, etc, etc.  I was making myself crazy.  I want the road trip to be fun.  I want us to enjoy the time together and discover some cool things on the way.   Continue Reading