The Secret of Change is to Focus all of your Energy, not on Fighting the old, but on building the new. ~Socrates

During the summer I had an unexpected opportunity. I was on vacation in Idaho when I heard from the Executive Director of the A.C. Gilbert House here in Salem. For those of you not local, the A.C. Gilbert House is a children’s museum in a collection beautiful old houses down by the riverfront park. We have spent many hours there since Taelin was old enough to walk.
Last year, I did some contract work for them redesigning their field trip offerings. Little did I know that a small contract job would turn into something new and exciting. Starting this month, I am the Education Coordinator for the Gilbert House and will be working there three days a week while Taelin’s in school.
There’s a lot more I could write about this new adventure but if I’m honest the weeks before starting this job were occupied with great hesitation. August was kind of one long Sunday, with lots of worry and wondering about what in the world I was thinking. And since I’ve started and now in my third week we are just trying to get into a new routine.
Monday-Wednesday I will be at the Gilbert House between dropping Taelin off and picking her up from school. Thursday and Friday I am teaching at Taelin’s school. Tuesday and Thursday evenings I’m working at Taelin’s dance studio. I signed a contract with a blog to write four blogs posts a month, although I haven’t heard many details about this yet which I am increasingly okay with.
Oh, and my house will still probably need to be cleaned, laundry done and meals made. (Unless I could talk everyone in my house to eat cereal for dinner half the time.)
It feels big. Like really big. And overwhelming if I get too ahead of myself. Which I do all the time.
I don’t know what is going to happen with this space. I love writing so much. I feel so much more grounded when I write on a regular basis. I wish I had a grand plan for how I am going to make this all happen. But I don’t.
I’m going to try and be better about asking for help. There is never been a time I’ve ever asked for help that Joe hasn’t answered “yes” every time. I’m going to try and menu plan a lot more purposefully to make the evenings I work easier. I’m going to try and be present where I am, when I am there and leave things in the space when I leave.
I need to remember to build the new and not fight the old.  Fingers crossed.

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