Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. -William Wordsworth

Earlier this month I received a beautiful journal as a gift. I love getting journals and I knew the instant I saw the cover of this one how I was going to use it.

Number 66 on my 101 in 1001 list is ‘make a mother/daughter journal’. Years ago, before Taelin was a reality, I was taking a writing class and another student (who happened to be a mother of a girl) shared about the journal she shared with her daughter. It was pretty simple. The idea was to write back and forth without any real agenda and see what happens.

My classmate talked about how she had started one when her daughter was younger and they now had multiple journals from the years. There were so many things that I loved about the whole thing that I knew, when the time came that I became a mother, that I would want to replicate this.

So, when I got this beautiful journal, I decided it was time to start. I didn’t even talk to Taelin about it. I just wrote on the first page, explaining what the journal was and laid it on her pillow. I was listening for a reaction when she went to bed that night and my heart melted a little when I heard a gasp come from her when she spotted it.

She is totally on board. I was reminded tonight when I tucked Taelin into bed that I still have the journal. It’s my turn to write in it and clearly she is looking for it. I had to pinky-promise that I would write it in tonight.

It is really quite lovely. So far, we have made a summer to-do list, talked about worries and tried to solve the friendship problems of the world. She and I talk all the time about the same kind of stuff but there is just something magical about having it written down. I imagine, in years to come, I will reread this journal and be grateful that I started it.

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