Where have I been?!?

I can not believe I let myself get so behind here. There have been so many times over the last 10 days where I thought, “I need to blog about that!” only to have another thing needing to get done. We haven’t transitioned well to a summer schedule yet and my writing time has suffered. Not to mention, we have had a few things going on.  Like this…

The total numbers of hours this girl danced in June is directly related to how much stuff I haven’t gotten done. But man, it has been so worth it.  The smile you see on her face right there (thank you Teresa for taking this photo) was pretty much been on her face the entire week leading up to and including the recital. (Except for the slight meltdown on the Wednesday when she couldn’t remember how to do about 16 counts of one of her 10 ten dances, that is.)

We had a lot of people come watch Taelin, which was pretty amazing. She was so happy that so many people were coming to watch her dance. Before having Taelin, I would have been hard pressed to believe that someone could find their passion so young, but I believe it now.

At any rate, the craziness is done and we have had a few days of settling in after all the company has left. Let the summer adventures continue!

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