Oh. My. Word. I just made money writing!

I am seriously so excited about writing this post I am probably going to have to reread it far more than usual before I hit publish.  When I first built my 101 in 1001 list, I added #64 in the hopes of pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  What is #64, you ask?  Well, it is “make money writing”.  And today, I get to check this one off the list!

For awhile, I have been exploring the idea, of thinking about the possibility, of maybe doing some freelance writing but it wasn’t until this month that I committed to the idea and actually did something about it. So, earlier this month I made an account on Upwork, a website that connects people that need work done with people that can do it. I figured out how it worked and to my surprise, after my first couple proposals, was offered a chance to write an article.  So, I wrote the article.  Then, they put it on their website. And then, they paid me.


This will hopefully be the first of many opportunities I have to earn money with my writing but this first time is seriously very cool. And a little scary. But, mostly very cool.

And in case anyone here wants to read my article…you can find it here! ACK!

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