Pickle Jinx

A few weeks ago we sitting at the table eating dinner and talking when all of the sudden Taelin yelled, “Potato jinx!!!”

She looked rather proud of herself.  Joe and I mostly looked at her strangely because while she and Joe did say something at the exact same time, it had nothing to do with potatoes.  I asked her what she was talking about and she just kept staring at Joe until finally he said, “There is no such thing as potato jinx.”

To which Taelin said like she was meeting Joe for the first time, “Hello, there is no such thing as potato jinx!” which was followed by a fit of giggles.


We finally got the explanation that Potato Jinx is a game that they play at school.  There is no owing anyone any kind of carbonated beverage in this version of jinx.  A potato jinx is called when two people say the same thing at the same time.  Then the person who called potato jinx listens for the next thing the non-potato jinx calling person says.  And then that becomes their name.

Joe declared it dumb right off the bat but it didn’t stop him from trying to be the first one the next time he and Taelin said the same thing. There were varying degrees of success for the potato jinx caller to have something hilarious to call the other person. I apparently am slow because I always seemed to be the one with someone staring back at me waiting for me to say something. After a few times, I figured out to just say my name and then was dubbed a party pooper for not playing along.

Then last week, I was driving Taelin somewhere (probably to dance) and we were talking and to my surprise I was able to shout, “Potato jinx!!” (It is a bit funny to me that I can’t remember what we were talking about but can remember after.)

Taelin looked at me with a flat expression and said, “It isn’t potato jinx.  I was wrong.  It is actually pickle jinx.”

So I responded, “Hi, it isn’t potato jinx I was wrong it is actually pickle jinx.”

I got nothing back. Just a “mom, you aren’t pulling it off so just stop trying” look.

Taelin went on to tell me that she was wrong the first time she told us about it.  That it wasn’t actually ‘potato jinx’ but ‘pickle jinx’. I am fairly suspicious that just when I finally was able to be the one on top, all of the sudden the rules change. I informed Joe the next time we were eating and he too was suspicious but rolled with it because that is what you do when your eight year old comes home claiming to be the expert of a game she plays at school.

So, if you find yourself talking to one of us and we by chance say the same thing at the same time, don’t be alarmed if we scream “Pickle Jinx!” at you.  And then, think of something really clever to make us repeat back to you.

Here is a picture of Taelin at school dressed like a fish.  I shouldn’t be surprised that she comes home with games about fermented vegetables.

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