Project 52: Week 20-Stairs

Here we are at week 20 and I am glad that I picked this challenge back up.  This week’s word was ‘stairs’ and while I found a lot of stairs pretty much everywhere I went, it wasn’t until I went to the library with Taelin that I found the stairs I wanted to take picture of.

Reading has not come easy for Taelin.  She has always love to listen to books and has always blown people away with her vocabulary. But, breaking the code for her continues to be a challenge.  In the last few months, she has made a breakthrough. The all-elusive chapter books are feeling more accessible and today Taelin bound up these stairs, eager to find a new Cam Jansen and the next book in the Critter Club series. It is still hard and will probably be for awhile. But she has turned a corner and these stairs will lead her to all sorts of amazing things.

If you have a picture for Week 20, please post it in the comments!


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