If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air. ~meditation, Nayyirah Waheed

A few years ago I took a class on meditation.  I had been feeling anxious about a lot of things and thought, “What could it hurt?!?”  About three minutes in, I knew I had made a good decision and I walked away from the class knowing that meditation needed to be a part of my life.

I read a few books and some things online but it wasn’t until I came across the website calm that I felt like I had what I needed to meditate at home.  There is an app that I absolutely love and it what I use for the most part, although I have the website up in the background right now and I think it is going to be up in the background while I am writing from now on!


When Taelin was 6, she had to have sinus surgery. To confirm what was going on she had to have a CT scan. She was terrified of the machine and was fairly convinced that it was going to erase her brain.  Again, I decided that meditating with her probably wasn’t going to make her fears worse and so I started to meditate with her.  Two years later, she will ask periodically to do a meditation before bed. It makes a difference for her too.

I use the paid version, which I love because it gives me a lot of choice.  There are a bunch of different programs you can use depending on what you feel like you need. There are meditations that are as short as two minutes! They also have a daily meditation, which is what prompted me to write this post. I got an email earlier today saying that the daily mediation is unlocked to everyone today.  The focus is “community” so I thought it would be nice to share here.

Daily Calm

So, if you are interested, check it out.  Nobody is paying me anything for this post…I just thought it would be cool to share something I have found really helpful for me.

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