I like your face.

Being a mom is by the far the toughest job.  Many things have been written about how hard motherhood is and an equal amount has probably been written on how much moms love being moms.  I am raising my hand to be counted.

Taelin has always been a funny kid when it has come to turning a year older.  Every year, sometimes on her actually birthday, she makes some kind of declaration about what is going to be different now that she is turning a year older.  It started when she was 3 and she decided that she wasn’t going to wait for me to get out of bed but that she could just get up when she wanted to.  We didn’t have any kind of rule about that, waiting in bed, but before that she would always call “Mama…Mama…” until I got myself out of bed and went to her room. The change at 3 ended up resulting in a few terrifying instances of waking up by being poked in the eye or with her lurking over my face but she had decided and made it so.

This year, at 8, Taelin declared that this would be the year that she would like more foods. I was thrilled to hear as her list of foods she is willing to eat needs to grow.  True to her word, she has now added spinach (raw, of course), Italian dressing, green beans, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese quesadillas, salsa, macaroni and cheese, Alfredo sauce and peeled carrots (as in completely peeled in a little pile).

I forgot mozzarella sticks! She likes those now too.

In addition to the food revolution, she has decided that she needs to increase her “skills and strategies” for life.  Those are completely her words and it takes everything in me not to giggle a little when she said them.  For example, she wanted to know all about how debit cards and credit cards work because she will need to know that when she gets older.  She also wanted me to tell her how much college was going to cost her.  I told her we weren’t going to worry about that yet.

Luckily, Joe gets his fair share of inquiries about the “skills and strategies” she thinks she might need.  The other day she asked Joe how a person goes up to another person they want to ask out on a date.  I wasn’t in there but I wish I would have been.  Joe’s reaction was no doubt something that would have made me smile. As we try to do, Joe just let her keep talking for a bit when she asks a question for a couple of reasons. First of all, it gives us some time to think. And second, sometimes we start to understand a little more clearly what she is actually trying to ask.

Her follow up sentence, “Do you, like, just go up to someone and say, ‘I like your face. Want to go on a date?'”

I don’t really know what Joe’s answer was because when he told me the story later I just started laughing.

I like your face. I don’t know that she should lead with that but I suppose it is a strategy.

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