Project 52: Week 18 – Happiness

I am officially back on track with my Project 52 photo challenge.  I don’t have all of the photos posted yet but I am slowly going to post those until I am completely caught up.  (Now I just can’t let myself get behind again!!!)

Week 18’s word was ‘happiness’. This photo was taken at the Tulip Fest and it is the embodiment of happiness to me.  Taelin was hamming it up for the camera and thought she was pretty hilarious with all her poses.  She was happy to be hamming it up and I was happy to be there capturing it with my camera.  (I thought for just, like a half a second, how great of a picture it would have been if she would have slipped and fallen in one of the many mud puddles but I don’t actually think it would have lead to much happiness at all!)



This week’s word is ‘eyes’.  If you are just joining and would like to jump into the challenge please feel free! If you have a photo, please post it in the comments.

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