Giraffes Can’t Dance – Young at Art

Yesterday, I had an almost completely full class at Young at Art!  I read Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae  which is an adorable, rhyming book.  Gerald, the giraffe, is told by all the other animals at the jungle dance that he can’t dance.  That is, until he runs into a cricket that convinces him that he just needs to find the music that works for him.  In the end, Gerald proves all those animals that were laughing at him wrong that he can dance just fine!

The kids loved this book and were so excited to paint their own giraffe. We did some blending of colors and for the spots, we used our fingers!

These are some good looking giraffes!

My other class this month is next week on Tuesday!  If you are interested in registering, check it out here!

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