Be you.

I was sitting in one of my favorite little coffee shops a few weeks ago and in walked a dinosaur.
2017-04-10 10.12.36

He was a small dinosaur, green in color, and unaware that everyone noticed him.  He peeked up over the counter while his order was being made and after, made his way to the table right in front of me.  He struggled for a bit trying to sit down.  The chair was not very accommodating for his rather large tail and he ended up with a half standing/half kneeling position.

I asked this dinosaur’s mother if I could snap a picture from the back.  There was so much I loved about it.

I can’t say that I have ever had coffee with a dinosaur but I have had been several places with a princess or fairy..maybe even a princess fairy.  Those were some pretty fun adventures.

The dinosaur looked at a book while his mom finished her coffee. I couldn’t tell if it was an old favorite or a new to him but he was excited about it, whatever it was. Eventually, they got up, bussed their table and gathered their things.  The dinosaur grabbed his book and tucked it under his arm and marched to the door, still fairly unaware that anyone was watching him.

I glanced at the mom and shared a smile.  She smiled back and caught up to her dinosaur.

2015-10-17 15.49.02





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