Easter Eggs and Little Red Hens!


Oh my goodness!  If you are not prepared for the cuteness you are about to see, take a second to get ready.

Last Saturday, I read Easter Bugs by David Carter and then had a sketched out canvas with three eggs.  The kids had such a great time designing their eggs and adding the grass and clouds.

Luckily there were a few days in between classes for my entire family to be sick and on Tuesday I turned to the classic story of The Little Red Hen.  I read the Jerry Pinkney version and the girls in the class loved it.  Then we got to painting.

These girls were so adorable in this class.  They were such an independent little group and were SO proud of their work.  We used a sponge to blend a few colors which made me a little nervous but the girls were so attentive when I was modeling for them what to do.  And they rocked it!  These little red hens turned out so well!  I am really going to start thinking about different ways to explore ways to get the paint of the canvases.

I am done with my classes for the month, but there are still come great options at the studio!  Check out the schedule here!

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