Well, well…what do we have here?

It has been awhile.  68 days to be exact. I don’t know if it is because the Oregon rain hit be harder this year than in years past or if I have been having a Trump media hangover from trying to keep up, but I haven’t been writing much at all lately. Last week, while on vacation, I decided that needed to change.

I realized the other day that it has been a year since I decided to resign from the school district and take a different direction. What a difference a year can make. I can truly say I have no regrets about my decision. That doesn’t mean it has been without challenges. I should have expected, but didn’t, how many questions I was going to have to ask. There have been so many new places I have planted roots and I had to figure a lot of stuff out.

So, am I doing what I thought I would be doing?  Kind of.

Before I resigned from the district, I knew I was going to be teaching at Taelin’s school three mornings a week. It has been so great to get back to teaching kids.  Like really teaching. It has been different because it is a private school and there is no talk of common core standards or data walls or testing.  Just kids learning what they are ready for.

I wanted to start this blog and write.  I started out strong but clearly, I haven’t kept up with it as much as I wanted.  I am grateful for this space and want to develop it more.  What do I need to to make that happen?  I need to make the time for it.  So just like dentist appointment, dance classes, and what we are having for dinner, I have scheduled time to write in my calendar.

I found my niche at Young at Art, combined my love for children’s literature with canvas painting.  I have had repeat customers and it is so fun to see how excited the kids are to paint.  The pride they have when they finish fills up my heart. I am teaching three classes a month and have some exciting plans for some summer camps.

I found myself with an AMAZING opportunity to partner with Gilbert House Children’s Musuem and write curriculum for them.  They now have brand new workshops for classes that visit the museum.  There are more plans for future projects and it has been a great (and unexpected) opportunity to grow myself as an educator.

Speaking of unexpected, I am also working one night a week at Taelin’s dance studio! Don’t worry, I am working at the front desk, not teaching. I am learning all sorts of things but I have a ways to go before I can tell the difference between types of fabric.  It has been a great way to help pay for Taelin’s love of dance.

I need to finish this post up so I can pick Taelin up from her friends house, but I have realized three things while writing this post.  One, I am incredibly happy with life.  I am crazy-busy but oh-so happy.  Two, I am braver than I would have given myself credit for a year ago.  And three, I am amazed that I can sit in a coffee shop that is playing country music and know the songs.  How is that possible?!?  I don’t even listen to country music. Ever.

2017-03-31 15.57.04
And just so I don’t get too proud of myself, here is a picture I took on vacation last week.  Can’t tell what it is?  It’s a little brown gecko that was sitting on the lounge chair I wanted.  Why did I take a picture?  Because I was too scared to try and scare it away so I settled for just sitting in a chair.

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