Project 52: Week 13-earth

I had no idea when I was making the Project 52 list that I would be in Hawaii for this week. I mean, I could have know because the trip was planned before the list but I was mostly trying to pay attention to holidays, not so much vacations I had planned.

This picture was from a beach on the North Shore of Oahu on our last day. We were heading back to the house after a full day (which included a car sick kiddo) and this beach was supposed to be full of sea turtles.  We didn’t see a one but we were there for the sunset which made it a terrific stop. This picture doesn’t do justice. At. All.

Is anyone still with me? This photo challenge is turning out to be more challenging than I thought it would be! Post your picture in the comments!

Project 52: Week 12-together

Oh these two. I did not think that Taelin would be as in love with Pepper as she is but clearly you can see I was wrong.

Pepper has not been with us for that long but she has grabbed us by our hearts and not let go. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known, not something I was sure we would find with a rescue dog. One of my biggest concerns when looking for a dog, was to make sure that Taelin felt comfortable. She, up until this point, hasn’t really liked dogs all that much. But Pepper’s sweet disposition and love for cuddling has made all the difference.

Project 52: Week 11-Green

One of the things I love most about Oregon is how green it is all the time. The other day we were walking and I saw the new growth on this tree and it made me smile so much. The growth is slow on these cedar trees but the bright green of the new growth is so noticeable, especially when you walk by and look at the whole tree.

It’s not too late to join me in this challenge!  Post in the comments if you have a photo for this week.