Can I just say that bookstores are the best things ever?

Anyone living in the Pacific Northwest this weekend is feeling a little soggy. We are on an extended weekend vacation in Sunriver with friends that are family and it has done nothing but rain the entire time.  While we had planned on bike rides and playing outside, we have had to shift our activities to places with a roof. Luckily, we have found plenty to do.  Once I looked at the forecast, I packed a bunch of board games, bought some new play-dough and supplies to make sugar cookies. There is an indoor pool here that we have passes to that we swam in yesterday and have plans to swim in tomorrow.

Yesterday, the group went swimming before lunch and then again later in the afternoon.  I opted out of the second swimming session because I had forgotten to bring a rolling pin  (for the sugar cookies and homemade pizza we were going to make) and needed to run to the store to see if I could find one, which thankfully, I did.

But the real reason I opted out and volunteered to run to the store?  The bookstore that is just a few store fronts down.  A real-life bookstore.  Every time we come to Sunriver I make it a point to spend some time, by myself, in this bookstore.  And, because I want to make sure that the bookstore is there the next time we come, I buy a book…or two.

We went back to the bookstore today with the whole group and after sleeping on it for a night, I was able to control myself a little bit. Here is what I picked up for myself today…

I let Taelin pick out a book and no surprise to me she picked….


If there is a bigger Mo Willems fan than my daughter, I would honestly be a little frightened.  When I was at the bookstore yesterday, I saw there were a few of his books that we didn’t have at home and knew that Taelin wouldn’t look much further once she saw them.

I also picked up a chapter book for Taelin and I to read together.  It is by one of my favorite children’s literature authors, Kate DiCamillo.  It is one of those great chapter books that is still supported by a lot of pictures for the readers that need that support but REALLY want to be reading chapter books. It is the first in a series and I am super excited to start it with her.


No, there is nothing better than a bookstore.

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  1. We were at Sunriver this weekend too! And I was in that bookstore last night while we were waiting for a table at the restaurant nearby! Loved it! There is truly nothing better than a real book store! It reminded me a bit of the one in the movie ‘You’ve got Mail’❤️

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