10 Days Sugar Free…CHECK!

In less than 1 hour I will officially have gone 10 days sugar free!!!   Well, mostly.  I am sure that I missed something along the way but I have worked really hard to eliminate all processed sugar from my diet.

I was inspired by the movie Fed Up to do a 10 Day Sugar Free challenge that you can read more about here!


I have had a few people (including my husband) ask me if plan on continuing being sugar free.  The short answer is, I don’t.  There are too many things that I enjoy I will never permanently give up…iced chai tea and peanut butter being what I have been craving most.

I will, however, definitely be more picky where the sugar I do eat is coming from.  There is SO much hidden sugar in our food.  Dressings, BBQ sauce, yogurt, taco seasoning…it is everywhere.  One of my friends took on the challenge and she discovered that sugar had been added to the table salt she was using.  What?!?

So what did I eat?  I ate a lot of fruits and veggies.  I ate meat but I had to be careful about what I used for seasoning.  Raw almonds and cashews were standby snacks.  And all I drank was water or tea, unsweetened of course.  I kept it pretty basic.

There are 5 foods that I need to find a better alternative for:

  1. Yogurt: I missed my yogurt.
  2. Granola: To put in the yogurt.  (I can’t believe the amount of sugar I was consuming just in those two foods alone.)
  3. Pasta: I have a lead on this one that I need to try so I’m putting it on the list.
  4. Peanut Butter: I could probably try and make my own…that could be fun!
  5. Chocolate:  Ha!  I might just have to plan for that one…

I am absolutely glad I did this challenge (and if I’m honest, surprised I made it all 10 days)!

Anyone have any ideas for my list?

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