Paper and stickers and bins…oh my!

What a disaster.


Ever since my favorite scrapbook store in the whole entire world closed, my scrapbooking area has been a mess.  I don’t mean to blame it on the store itself, but once I didn’t have a place to go my little area I had set aside just wasn’t enough and over time it has become the last place I wanted to spend time.  I just didn’t have enough space and the space I did have just didn’t work.  My supplies were close to me and organized but once I needed to use more than a couple of things it looked like a hurricane had hit.

At the beginning of summer, Joe discovered he really needed a better space for working at home which resulted in The Great Rearrangement of 2016.  Taelin’s room became Joe’s office, the guest room became Taelin’s new room and Joe’s previously occupied upstairs space became available and I declared it my new scrapbooking area!

It took me a little bit of time to figure out what I really wanted but I am super happy with how it turned out. My major goals were having all my supplies easily accessible while staying organized, have NOTHING on my table except what I was working on and more light.  Check, check and check.


I got these shelves second hand but they are in really good condition.  I stacked them up and centered them under the window and they were a pretty good fit.  I have a table parallel to these shelves so my back is to the window but I can actually use the top of the shelves as work space too which is nice.

I wasn’t planning on it but I did end up getting navy blue and turquoise canvas bins to help with organizing my stuff.  The bins definitely help make it look like the space is coordinated and organized and they are perfect for storing supplies.


One of the things I really wanted was to be able to see what I had.  I probably have enough supplies to not have to buy anything (other than adhesive) for a very long time.  It has been nice to not have things just piled in a container that I had to dig through when I needed something.  Plus, who doesn’t love little buckets…oh…um…well…other than Joe.  Moving on.


Moving into a new space gave me the chance to go through everything and decide if I really needed (and would still use) what I had.  For the most part, I was successful and have really made my new space a place I really love to spend time in.  The only challenge is that I have to share the upstairs with Taelin’s toys and usually there is a bit of a Lego landmine field to get to my table but once I am there, I have everything I need with just a swivel of my chair.

In fact, I am going to wrap this up so I can get my “have-to’s” done so I might get some free time enjoy this lovely space!

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