101 Days gone…10 things done and 4 in progress!

Today I am officially 101 days into my 1001 days of my Day Zero Project.  The idea is that you pick 101 things you want to do within a 1001 day time frame. If you would like to see my complete list and read some more details about it you can do that here.

I have completed 10 items on my list! Hooray!  We took a road trip a few weeks ago and completed 4 things just in that trip alone! Here is a quick picture that I took when we were on the ferry (number 44) from Bainbridge Island.  If you look really hard you can see the Space Needle, which we had visited the day before (number 47), in the background between our heads. More on the fun trip we had to come!2016-08-09 10.50.17

Here are the 10 that are finished! There are some less than desirable items on my list, but all of these were fun (and delicious) to complete.

  • #23-Visit Olympic National Park
  • #24-Meditate daily for 30 days
  • #35-Plan a family road trip
  • #44-Ride a ferry to an island
  • #47-Visit the Space Needle
  • #55-Take Taelin whale watching
  • #79-Tye dye t-shirts with Taelin
  • #83-Light off fireworks…myself
  • #86-Order cupcakes to be delivered from Georgetown Cupcakes
  • #93-Find a vegetable Taelin likes

I also have 4 goals that are in progress.  I have started all of these but they aren’t quite finished.

  • #8-Take Taelin to 5 different museums
  • #43-Make my scrapbook area actually usable
  • #51-Find 5 new places to hike
  • #100 Complete a reading challenge

Anyone want to join me and make a list of their own?  Head over to Day Zero Project to sign up for a free account!



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