Planning a Road Trip and Why My Sister is Awesome

Last night I was on my phone with my sister, trying to figure out some details about a road trip that my little family is taking.  We have a few scheduled stops (the places we are going to be sleeping because I don’t want to be looking for a hotel with a tired kid)  but I was freaking out a little about getting around, what we were going to do, how we were going to meet up, etc, etc, etc.  I was making myself crazy.  I want the road trip to be fun.  I want us to enjoy the time together and discover some cool things on the way.  

But I also want a plan.

My sister (who knows me well) just listened to me, reminded me that there are taxis if all else fails and said we would figure it out.  But because I am me, I still didn’t feel settled.  I went on more awhile longer and my sister (who was returning from a road trip of her own and had a very tired husband who just wanted to get home) continued to listen and remind me that there were always taxis.  And then somewhere in my ramblings, it was like the skies opened up and a plan appeared.  One section of town on one day and another section of town another day. Ferries back and forth.  A hotel reservation extended and another one cancelled.  I had a plan.

It isn’t a minute by minute plan. Not even an hour by hour plan. I felt so much better. And my sister, who was actually still listening to me said, “Well, yeah, you just needed a little bit of structure so you can have your whimsy.”  She is a very smart sister.

Now we just need to pack and leave the cat food out for the house sitter.  I going to need a plan for that.

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image by Jodie Crowe

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