Yellowstone County Museum

It has been over a month since we (Taelin and I) have been back from Montana and I am just know getting to this post.  Disgraceful!  One of the stops we made on our last day was the Yellowstone County Museum which is actually located at the Billings airport.  

It was a small museum that took us only about 30 minutes or so to go through but we all enjoyed looking at what the museum had to offer. It was nice how close we could get to some of the exhibits. Taelin was particularly interested in the Native American artifacts that were on display.

She is just the perfect age for these kind of little museums.  They aren’t huge and overwhelming and provide great places to start conversations.  (We had a short conversation about smallpox being intentionally exposed to Native Americans, for example.)  I will definitely be on the lookout for little museums like this from now on!

Here were some pictures from our visit!

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