Approval Junkie by Faith Salie

26067500I am a sucker for memoirs.  I think it appeals to the same part of me that makes me love people watch at restaurants and try to peek into windows as I drive by houses. I just love people and wondering/knowing their story.  Approval Junkie, a memoir by Faith Salie, had me from the front cover.  Some people might be right if they suggested that I might be a bit of an approval junkie myself…maybe.

The book is a series of stories of memories that Salie shares to make the point that too often she has been driven by gaining approval from those around her.  Most of the time, making decisions in this way did not serve her well.  She offers no solutions on how to stop seeking approval and is honest about that from the beginning.  I think though, that you can see how she has evolved over time to being a little less of an approval junkie.

Salie is funny throughout her book, which I completely appreciated.  Even in the stories where you could feel the hurt, she found the humor.  I think my favorite parts were when she wrote about her mom.  It was clear that Salie was deeply impacted by the death of her mother.  The love and admiration oozes from the pages she writes about her mother.

There was much of her book that was about the marriage to her ex-husband (which she calls her ‘wasband’).  Honestly, after awhile, these parts got old for me. I get that there was a lot of approval seeking during her 1st marriage but I just got tired of hearing about it.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars. I appreciated the humor and thought her storytelling was well done.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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