This month I read… July 2016

Three pretty great books this month!  I am also in the middle of a giant book that is the 6th (and final) in a series that I spent quite a bit of time. I am determined to finish in August.  My “to-read” pile is getting quite tall so I am going to have to get to it if I am going make some headway.

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

This book is so my kind of book! A suspense-filled mystery that kept me guessing until the end.  I raced through this book because I could not find out fast enough what had happened to all the missing girls! Continue Reading

Upcoming Class @ Young at Art: Beach Mini-Album

I am super excited that my first class at Young at Art is coming up!  July 23rd from 1-3, I will be teaching a mommy/daddy and me class on how to make a beach mini-album out of envelopes and cards. Taelin helped me with this album and we had a lot of fun together so I think it would be great for a special project for a parent and child. Taelin and I made ours using pictures from Taelin’s school field trip to Camp Westwind in June.

If you want to save your spot today you can register here, there are still a few spots left! All you need to provide is pictures, everything else I will have ready for you. I hope to see you there.

2016-07-07 15.48.43

Continue Reading

Approval Junkie by Faith Salie

26067500I am a sucker for memoirs.  I think it appeals to the same part of me that makes me love people watch at restaurants and try to peek into windows as I drive by houses. I just love people and wondering/knowing their story.  Approval Junkie, a memoir by Faith Salie, had me from the front cover.  Some people might be right if they suggested that I might be a bit of an approval junkie myself…maybe.

The book is a series of stories of memories that Salie shares to make the point that too often she has been driven by gaining approval from those around her.  Most of the time, making decisions in this way did not serve her well.  She offers no solutions on how to stop seeking approval and is honest about that from the beginning.  I think though, that you can see how she has evolved over time to being a little less of an approval junkie. Continue Reading