Tuesday Photo Take 6/28/16

Montana is really an incredibly beautiful state.  No matter how many times I go back, when I step off the plane I am always impressed by the size of the sky.  Montana has more than earned the title of Big Sky Country.  I tried several times to capture the sky in a photo and there is just no doing it justice.  If you want to see it, you are going to have to take yourself a little road trip.  Until then, these will have to do.


image by Jodie Crowe

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Tuesday Photo Take 6/21/16 (and some exciting news!)

I kind of feel like this is some kind of special edition of Tuesday Photo Take!  Not only do I have pictures to share but some pretty exciting news. A little over a year and a half ago, I discovered this magical little local art studio for kids.  If I wasn’t so grateful that it existed, I would be a little cranky that I didn’t think of the idea first.

Young at Art logo
Young at Art Facebook page

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Tuesday Photo Take 6/14/16

With wrapping up a pretty big chapter of my life this week, I have been reflecting on my experiences that have brought me here.  And because things have been so busy, I needed to dig back into my archives for some photos for today’s Tuesday photo take. Throwback for everyone!

These photos are some from a photo challenge I did a few years back.  I tried to find the original challenge but had no luck.  I did realize though as I looked through the challenges I did find, that I might need to choose a new challenge!

#4 Hot
image by Jodie Crowe

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Growing Pains Suck

Next week I am ending my time in a school district I have worked in for the last 16 years.  It has been a big decision; one that hasn’t been without doubt, tears and a lot of thinking in the middle of the night.  Since making the decision, there continue to be moments of “What am I thinking?!?” but if I’m honest there have been more moments that have confirmed my decision.

It has been painful the last few years as education has changed. Schools no longer look like they did when I started.  In some ways, that is probably good as things need to change and evolve but if you ask me (and many of my fellow educators) most of the changes we have seen aren’t positive ones.  I can very much say that “stuck” is how I have felt.

2016-05-29 12.46.03
image by Jodie Crowe

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Today I am thankful for dance teachers.

This past week was Taelin’s dance dress rehearsal for her spring dance recital.  It is seriously becoming one of my favorite times of the year.

2016-05-31 16.57.23
image by Jodie Crowe

Most weeks parents aren’t allowed to watch, probably for fear of said parents possibly turning into dance moms, but during dress rehearsal we are so that we can be ready to help on recital day.  (As an aside, if you haven’t ever watched an episode of Dance Moms, save yourself and don’t.  I have watched every episode there is on Hulu and I knew I should stop but I couldn’t.) Continue Reading